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Diverse Development Group, Inc.

Diverse Development Group, Inc. (also referred to as “DDG” or “the Company”) is a real estate development and investment company that will build a strong portfolio of investment-grade retail and commercial leasing properties through acquisition and the pursuit of opportunistic land developments. The Company is managed by an outstanding leadership team that holds a track record for outperforming the market. The Company intends to intelligently diversify its assets nationwide and responsibly optimize its portfolio against risk. Furthermore, the Company is seeking external capital from investors. The company will operate with little to no debt and hopes to be traded on the OTC.

Business Model: The Company utilizes funds pooled from investors to directly invest in income-yielding properties. The Company will primarily invest in diversified credit tenant investment-grade NNN properties with long-term leases. The Company’s strategic road map includes it investing +/- 10% of its capital for higher return ground-up land development projects. Income will be largely generated from rent and capital gains from development projects. The Company will not have any debt other than an occasional short term loan that is project-specific.